Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Wall Mounted

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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy  Wall Mounted


WING CHUN DUMMY BODY (65-inch-long) is made of 8-inch diameter single piece solid elm wood, cut from used roof beam over 30 years old. It won’t crack anymore while hard kicking during your kung fu training practice

22 INCHES LONG ARMS can be adjusted to 3 different positions – one high one low (staggered) or levelled at the same height (parallel). Upper arms are 47 to 55 inches (120cm~145cm) from the floor on the topmost position.

STABLE AND HEAVY FREE-STANDING FRAME WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – Frame height 66.5 inches, width 55 inches with 5 positions to adjust the height of the dummy. Traditionally, appropriate height is when the dummy upper arms are at your shoulder height. Stable dummy frame with body weights 145 lbs (65kg). If you find it too light, place some heavy things on the back of the frame

LIFETIME WARRANTY FOR ALL PARTS – if you break the wooden arms or leg, send us a message and we will send you replacement for free

Description and Specification:

  • height is adjustable
  • body size: 8 inch (20.5cm) Dia. x 55 inch (140cm) Tall
  • arm length: 30.5cm 2 1/2 inch (6.5cm) Dia., arm tip – 1 3/8 inc (3.5cm) Dia., arm length – 12 inch (30.5cm)
  • Distance between the  two top arms: 23 cm when open, 20cm when closed
  • Cross section of the leg – 2 3/4 inch x 2 3/4 inch (7 cm by 7 cm), and slightly bigger at the knee
  • customized size are accepted
  • Frame Size: 170cm tall x 140cm Width

Packing Size:

  • Wooden body packing size: 59″x 11″x 11″, weight: 64 lbs
  • Frame Packing size: 69″ x 10″x 12″  weight: 46 lbs

Package content: 

  • 3pcs of solid arms,
  • 1 pc of solid wooden leg,
  • 1 pc of solid wooden body,
  • 8 parts of frame,
  • bolts and nuts for assembling.
  • 3pcs of black canvas pads.


Please note if this dummy is slated as USA/Canada (i.e. in our USA warehouse) or Worldwide (i.e. In Hong Kong).

If Shipping from the USA Warehouse:
All shipping is via FedEx/UPS (whichever is cheapest) and takes approx 1 week to deliver. If we are shipping from the US warehouse to an international destination then, you are responsible for customs fees and taxes/VAT.

If Shipping from Hong Kong:
For most countries there is a flat fee based on the weight of the dummy. Shipping will be via FedE, UPS, or DHL from Buick in Hong Kong. Delivery is usually in 5-7 days from the time Buick sends it. You are responsible for customs fees and taxes.

The following countries are approved for the flat rate: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Indonesia. Australia and New Zealand require fumigation (which costs more) as well as have a higher rate, so please choose the option for them.

The following countries will need a separate quote: Mexico, UAE, Brazil, small Island countries, and pretty much anywhere not in N. America or Europe. If in doubt, please email us for a quote!